31 March 2016


Well spring is definitely here. I was out shopping today and noticed the slight change in temperature. Slight but there. I am much happier at this time of year. The sunshine making an appearance a bit more, streaming through the trees and brightening every surface that it touches.

I am now in the process of designing and sewing some new felt doll patterns for my Etsy shop. Hopefully they will be ready soon. Though I think my Garden Pixie doll (pictured) sums up this time of year perfectly. You can find her by clicking here.

Today is the final day of the current tax year here in the UK. Starting my Etsy shop in November, I am still trying to find my feet with some aspects, most of all, getting my work noticed by more people. Hoping that people like what they see. Promoting is harder then I thought it would be, to be honest. I am really hoping, that the rest of the year will pick up speed. For now, hopefully my posts will reach some.


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